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Alan MacKay, Managing Director

Founder of Computers Dandenong in 1994, and previously a Founding Director of Dandenong Micro Sales, Alan has over 25 years experience in the IT industry and has the enviable ability to understand YOUR business, almost as well as you do, in a very short space of time.   He is highly sought after for both his IT and Management Consulting competencies and is well known for his excellent customer service and IT implementation successes.

Alan is an avid follower of domestic and international affairs, scientific endeavours and motor sports.  He has interests with a number of local charities and is proud of the opportunities his business is able to provide for present and past employees.

In repositioning his business under the Axceda name, Alan has assembled a unique team of talented IT Professionals with various backgrounds, skills sets and a unified commitment to providing APPROPRIATE business solutions and superior customer service. 


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